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Playing 30A Songwriters Festival!

Nov 09 2015
South Walton, FL - so excited to be performing at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Jan 2016! For more information visit: http://bit.ly/1ewnUbD 🎸

"On The Road 2015" Playlist!

Oct 30 2015
So excited about the up-coming dates with Max Gomez that I've started a Spotify "On The Road 2015" Playlist!


What would be on yours? 🚌

Tickets & Info: www.lizlongley.com ‪#‎lizlongleylive‬
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@miniejm1993 jumping with joy... The post office has your package & we can pick up Monday!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
16 hours ago
We're happy to be together. 😍🐢😘 https://t.co/d0gpJacgtf
16 hours ago
RT @miniejm1993 : This is how I spent the early hours of my morning. No regrets, always worth it @lizlongley 😊 #GiveHerAGrammy https://t.co/5EpEKQ1BWi
19 hours ago
@kingjeff44 aw thank you so much, Jeffrey!!! I'm grateful for people like you that make playing music even more fun!
21 hours ago
@mashleyford that's so cool that you did that!!!
21 hours ago
Upcoming Tour Dates
12.15.2015  |  Nashville, TN
Live in the Living Room With Liz Longley
Show via Concert Window
01.15.2016  |  South Walton, FL
30A Song Writers Festival - Various - check website.
January 15th - 17th 2016
Venues and schedule to be confirmed, check back for updates!
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Before #selfies , this is what being 13 years old looked like. Being perfect is overrated. Be YOU. #being13 Check out CNN.com/being13
7:23 PM Oct 4th
This about sums up our day: PURE JOY with http://www.twitter.com/barnabybright">@barnabybright in Alabama! ?
5:11 PM Oct 2nd
Thanks to everybody who hung out with me on http://www.twitter.com/concertwindow">@concertwindow last night! Loving the #selfies you shared. Oct 27 is the next one! #ConcertWindow
7:48 PM Sep 29th
Tonight I'm singing songs on http://www.twitter.com/concertwindow">@concertwindow at 7PM CT/8PM ET! It's $1 to watch on your phone or computer. www.concertwindow.com/100-Liz-Longley #Concert #ConcertWindow #LiveMusic #CheapDate #BYOB
3:19 AM Sep 29th
1:03 AM Sep 26th
The http://www.twitter.com/siriusxm">@siriusxm session I did with http://www.twitter.com/indigogirlsmusic">@indigogirlsmusic airs today on the Coffeehouse Channel at 5PM & 8PM EST! Don't miss it! (Also airs 9/26 11AM & 6PM, 9/27 12 PM & 9PM, 9/28 10AM) ?: http://www.twitter.com/alyssatorrech">@alyssatorrech
7:04 PM Sep 24th
Still on a high from singing "Closer to Fine" with http://www.twitter.com/indigogirlsmusic">@indigogirlsmusic yesterday! It airs Friday at 8PM ET on http://www.twitter.com/siriusxm">@siriusxm Coffeehouse Channel! #didthatjusthappen ?: http://www.twitter.com/parkeryoung">@parkeryoung
12:20 AM Sep 23rd
Welp, that was fun! Thanks, http://www.twitter.com/americanafest">@americanafest ! ??
9:08 PM Sep 19th
Date night with boo who touched a kangaroo while at the Nashville Zoo. #rhymesfordays
5:57 PM Sep 14th
Bought it cause we matched. Drank it cause it's the greatest tea EVER. Thanks, http://www.twitter.com/peacetea">@peacetea . ??
9:01 PM Sep 12th
Tucked in the woods, nestled between two deep blue lakes, there's a place called Camp Caldera. Every year, 150 people gather to talk about music, trade songs & find inspiration. I was lucky to be part of it all. This photo couldn't possibly sum it up so I wrote a letter about it on my favorite new app http://www.twitter.com/lettrs">@lettrs . #oregon #music #inspiration #sistersfolkfestival
8:45 PM Sep 11th
Mountain ahead & mountain behind. Not your average stage view. Thanks, Oregon. #oregon ?: http://www.twitter.com/kelsey_tullis">@kelsey_tullis
4:41 AM Sep 9th
Pinch me. I'm in Oregon. #nofilter
9:34 PM Sep 6th
Best 48 hours in Nashville celebrating #wrightkindalove at Loveless Barn! ?? Congrats to http://www.twitter.com/a_wright">@a_wright & http://www.twitter.com/alys_c">@alys_c !!
1:34 AM Sep 6th
Thanks for downloading + sharing my new song #RescueMyHeart ! If you used the hashtag, you entered to win a signed copy of the latest CD. This one goes to you http://www.twitter.com/lindseylinder">@lindseylinder !
1:18 AM Sep 3rd
Still buzzing from the energy of the NY crowd last night at http://www.twitter.com/musichallofwb">@musichallofwb ! I feel real lucky to be touring with http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae . #musichallofwilliamsburg ?: http://www.twitter.com/katelyndevine">@katelyndevine
8:56 PM Sep 1st
Apparently I am "LONELY". ? But not for long. Reuniting with http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae tonight in Greensboro, NC.
12:41 AM Aug 27th
It's #nationaldogday , which is perfect because all I can think about today is my sweet cuddle monster! ? #dogsofinstagram #happynationaldogday #dogsrule
8:14 PM Aug 25th
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