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Liz Longley Live on Jefferson Public Radio

Jun 09 2015
On Friday, June 19th at Noon PST / 3P EST, JPR will broadcast a live session with Liz Longley on Open Air. Listen online here


May 26 2015
Liz Longley recently stopped by NPR World Cafe studios to speak with David Dye and perform a few songs. You can now stream Liz's full session on NPR World Cafe here.
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@Luiyna thanks so much, Celina!!
14 hours ago
@step2unc hey Step, which song would you like for your handwritten lyric sheet? ❤️
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Upcoming Tour Dates
08.18.2015  |  Exton, PA
Co-bill with Angaleena Presley, Dave Gunning to support
08.19.2015  |  Haddon Heights, NJ
Jesse Gimbel opens
08.22.2015  |  Dover, NH
08.26.2015  |  ONLINE
ConcertWindow - Choose your price
Liz plays live from the living room. Tune in & request songs!
08.27.2015  |  Greensboro, NC
Supporting Delta Rae
08.29.2015  |  Wilmington, DE
Supporting Delta Rae
09.01.2015  |  Brooklyn, NY
Supporting Delta Rae
09.02.2015  |  Pawling, NY
Daryl's House Club - $20 / $35
Supporting Delta Rae
09.03.2015  |  Bethlehem, PA
Musikfest Cafe - $20 / $30
Supporting Delta Rae
09.07.2015  |  Timberline Lodge, OR
W/ Jonathan Edwards, Darlingside, John Lilly.
09.11.2015  |  Sisters, OR
Three-Day Celebration of Roots Music From Blues to Bluegrass in Sisters, OR. Tickets vary -- $120 Adult/$60 Under 18 for all-event passes.
09.12.2015  |  Sisters, OR
Three-Day Celebration of Roots Music From Blues to Bluegrass in Sisters, OR. Tickets vary -- $120 Adult/$60 Under 18 for all-event passes.
09.13.2015  |  Sisters, OR
Three-Day Celebration of Roots Music From Blues to Bluegrass in Sisters, OR. Tickets vary -- $120 Adult/$60 Under 18 for all-event passes.
09.15.2015  |  Nashville, TN
Specific showcase details to come...
Instagram Feed
Giving up the music thing to go bounty hunting with mom. #nailedit
7:21 PM Jul 26th
Mini vacation in beautiful Rockport, MA with my sweet family!
6:28 PM Jul 25th
The http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae fans have been amazing! Here's the awesome Asheville crowd at http://www.twitter.com/thegreyeagle">@thegreyeagle ! #deltarae
6:53 PM Jul 24th
Took a little hiatus but I'm stoked to announced I'll be back on http://www.twitter.com/Concertwindow">@Concertwindow next week! Join me online, from my living room to yours, on July 28 at 8 PM ET! www.concertwindow.com/100-Liz-Longley
12:30 AM Jul 24th
Totally surprised Tommy by coming home from tour on his birthday! It was a blissful 24 hours but it's back on the road now. ??
7:39 PM Jul 22nd
They put on an epic show every night. What a joy it was to sing with http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae ! Thanks for the good times, Austin! ?: momma_robbin
9:15 PM Jul 17th
The crowd was quiet as a mouse until it was time to roar. And damn, they could roar. What a night!! Thank you http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae & http://www.twitter.com/kesslertheater">@kesslertheater for having me! ?: http://www.twitter.com/ashphotog">@ashphotog
7:37 PM Jul 16th
Auditioning to be a backup singer on the http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae tour.
9:17 PM Jul 14th
Ran into my friend & ol' tour mate http://www.twitter.com/anthdamatomusic">@anthdamatomusic at the Chicago airport. He's headed to open for Ben Folds. I'm headed to open for http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae . Life is grand, thanks to our awesome agent http://www.twitter.com/peterloomis">@peterloomis . ??
6:16 PM Jul 13th
One of the many joys of being at http://www.twitter.com/winnipegfolkfest">@winnipegfolkfest is finding the handmade treasures. This earring was made by http://www.twitter.com/rawecojewellery">@rawecojewellery , a woman whose passion is repurposing beautiful things into jewelry. #wff2015
6:11 PM Jul 11th
Uh oh. I've got some stiff competition.
7:04 PM Jul 9th
My dad so perfectly captured my brother & his sweetheart on the beach this weekend. They should start a band or something.
5:51 PM Jul 7th
Celebrating Independence Day with an Irishman, Grecian & Puerto Rican. #meltingpot
5:36 PM Jul 4th
Last night I got to taste the amazing food of http://www.twitter.com/eatavo">@eatavo & the unbelievably yummy desserts made by my favorite singing chef, Becky Bliss http://www.twitter.com/thesingingherbivore">@thesingingherbivore . The talent she has blows my mind. If you're in Nashville, go treat yourself to her raw vegan desserts!
12:11 AM Jul 3rd
This July, I'll be touring with the amazing http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae ! Come see their epic show! #deltarae
12:13 AM Jun 30th
This space rover is loving her alien toys from http://www.twitter.com/barkbox">@barkbox ! #barkbox
8:18 PM Jun 24th
I'm lucky to have a dad who has always lifted me up! Happy Father's Day http://www.twitter.com/rjlongley">@rjlongley ! ?
7:59 PM Jun 20th
Thanks to auto-correct, my mom texted me asking how The Weenies concert was. ? The Weenies were magical. http://www.twitter.com/theweepies">@theweepies http://www.twitter.com/citywinerynsh">@citywinerynsh #theweepies
8:38 PM Jun 19th
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