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Rescue My Heart Available Now!

Aug 12 2015
If you're a fan of the ABC show 'Switched at Birth' or MTV's 'Scream,' you may have gotten a sneak peak of my new song, RESCUE MY HEART. I wrote this with Jodi Marr & Ian Keaggy, who also produced it. We have been so anxious to share the full version with the world and for awhile it wasn't looking possible. Long story short, it's HERE and I can't wait to hear what you think. If you dig it, please help us spread the word!

>> Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of the latest record, Liz Longley, by using #rescuemyheart on a Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

>> Enjoy 20% off everything in the Liz Longley store

Liz Longley Live on Jefferson Public Radio

Jun 09 2015
On Friday, June 19th at Noon PST / 3P EST, JPR will broadcast a live session with Liz Longley on Open Air. Listen online here
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@tommybananas22 @MusicHallofWB thank you so much, Tom!
14 minutes ago
Thanks for a great night at @MusicHallofWB , NY! @deltarae puts me in a spell everytime. 😍 lucky to be on this tour! http://t.co/wgMUOJZ2F5
11 hours ago
@EmmaWhiteMusic @jillianjmusic it's the greatest dog insta of all time. I'm obsessed.
13 hours ago
@nicolehasastory thanks, Nicole!! :)
13 hours ago
RT @k8lyndevine : @lizlongley concert in Williamsburg, girlfriend is a great stage presence and wonderful singer/songwriter! http://t.co/E8krGKOSgZ
14 hours ago
Upcoming Tour Dates
09.02.2015  |  Pawling, NY
Daryl's House Club - $20 / $35
Supporting Delta Rae
09.03.2015  |  Bethlehem, PA
Musikfest Cafe - $20 / $30
Supporting Delta Rae
09.07.2015  |  Timberline Lodge, OR
W/ Jonathan Edwards, Darlingside, John Lilly.
09.11.2015  |  Sisters, OR
Three-Day Celebration of Roots Music From Blues to Bluegrass in Sisters, OR. Tickets vary -- $120 Adult/$60 Under 18 for all-event passes.
09.12.2015  |  Sisters, OR
Three-Day Celebration of Roots Music From Blues to Bluegrass in Sisters, OR. Tickets vary -- $120 Adult/$60 Under 18 for all-event passes.
09.13.2015  |  Sisters, OR
Three-Day Celebration of Roots Music From Blues to Bluegrass in Sisters, OR. Tickets vary -- $120 Adult/$60 Under 18 for all-event passes.
09.15.2015  |  Nashville, TN
Specific showcase details to come...
09.29.2015  |  ONLINE
ConcertWindow - Choose your price
Liz plays live from the living room. Tune in & request songs!
10.03.2015  |  AL
Private Event -
10.24.2015  |  Ross, CA
Private Event -
11.06.2015  |  Conroe, TX
Co-bill with Max Gomez!
11.07.2015  |  Austin, TX
Cactus Cafe - $18/$20
Co-Bill with Max Gomez!
11.08.2015  |  Dallas, TX
Co-Bill with Max Gomez!
11.11.2015  |  Colorado Springs, CO
Co-Bill with Max Gomez!
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Apparently I am "LONELY". ? But not for long. Reuniting with http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae tonight in Greensboro, NC.
12:41 AM Aug 27th
These monthly shows are my absolute favorite. I love getting to chat with you and take requests. See you tonight on http://www.twitter.com/concertwindow">@concertwindow !
1:12 AM Aug 26th
It's #nationaldogday , which is perfect because all I can think about today is my sweet cuddle monster! ? #dogsofinstagram #happynationaldogday #dogsrule
8:14 PM Aug 25th
Post-show puppy meet & greet. ? #dogsofinstagram #dogsrule #happynationaldogday
8:59 PM Aug 22nd
My run brought me here. And so I stopped running. ? #nofilter
4:49 AM Aug 22nd
Another dreamy summer night playing music under the stars with incredible musicians. Thank you http://www.twitter.com/WXPNFM">@WXPNFM & Sundown Music Series! ?: http://www.twitter.com/phillyfooddude_">@phillyfooddude_
1:06 AM Aug 20th
What a homecoming! Made my eyes well up to see so many familiar faces. Thanks http://www.twitter.com/point_ent">@point_ent ! #ineagleview
7:48 PM Aug 18th
Happy Saturday, humans! #dogsofinstagram #dogsrule
6:58 PM Aug 14th
Here's another taste. |press ??| Use #rescuemyheart on a post of your own to enter to win a copy of my latest record. ?
6:33 PM Aug 13th
My new song #rescuemyheart is out on http://www.twitter.com/itunes">@itunes today! Link in profile. Can't wait for you to hear! Wrote this with the amazing http://www.twitter.com/iankeaggy">@iankeaggy & Jodi Marr.
12:22 AM Aug 12th
Pool time with Stella & her best friend Wilma. #dogsofinstagram #dogsrule
10:23 PM Aug 7th
Sometimes life is like "Hey, would you like your own personal Ed Sheeran with a side of green pillows?" And you're like "well YEAH."
10:13 PM Aug 3rd
Giving up the music thing to go bounty hunting with mom. #nailedit
7:21 PM Jul 26th
Mini vacation in beautiful Rockport, MA with my sweet family!
6:28 PM Jul 25th
The http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae fans have been amazing! Here's the awesome Asheville crowd at http://www.twitter.com/thegreyeagle">@thegreyeagle ! #deltarae
6:53 PM Jul 24th
Took a little hiatus but I'm stoked to announced I'll be back on http://www.twitter.com/Concertwindow">@Concertwindow next week! Join me online, from my living room to yours, on July 28 at 8 PM ET! www.concertwindow.com/100-Liz-Longley
12:30 AM Jul 24th
Totally surprised Tommy by coming home from tour on his birthday! It was a blissful 24 hours but it's back on the road now. ??
7:39 PM Jul 22nd
They put on an epic show every night. What a joy it was to sing with http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae ! Thanks for the good times, Austin! ?: momma_robbin
9:15 PM Jul 17th
The crowd was quiet as a mouse until it was time to roar. And damn, they could roar. What a night!! Thank you http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae & http://www.twitter.com/kesslertheater">@kesslertheater for having me! ?: http://www.twitter.com/ashphotog">@ashphotog
7:37 PM Jul 16th
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