Happy Halloween! New Music!

Oct 31 2012
Inside This Song

Happy Halloween!

I hope that you and your loved ones are safe following the scary weather these past few days. My heart goes out to everyone on the east coast during this difficult time. As of now, my east coast tour with Barnaby Bright is still on for November. Shows are listed HERE... and I would love to see you.

On another note, my new EP Inside this Song is now ready for your ears! Following my move to Nashville in the fall of 2011, I had the opportunity to write with several talented songwriters from all backgrounds. After a few songwriting collaborations aimed for film & TV, I was left with a handful of cinematic songs that needed a home. Inside This Song showcases songs of love, loss, happiness & heartbreak meant to be put to picture. The EP features songs written with: Amy Stroup, Phillip LaRue, Peter Groenwald & Blake Stratton. Get a behind the scenes look at the project below and make it yours on iTunes or LIZLONGLEY.com!

Most of you know that my next full length album is in the works... because YOU made it possible! I am so close to completing the recording process and then the mixing & mastering begins. It's been an incredibly exciting journey and I couldn't be more proud of the album. Can't wait to share it with you in Feb. 2013!

Upcoming Tour Dates
03.23.2017  |  Saratoga Springs, NY
Caffe Lena - $10/$20
03.24.2017  |  Chepachet, RI
03.25.2017  |  Plymouth, MA
04.07.2017  |  Fairfield, CT
with Jeff LeBlanc
04.08.2017  |  Sellersville, PA
Liz Longley with guest Jeff LeBlanc
05.05.2017  |  Newark, OH
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