Summer Tour Announcement

Jun 24 2012

Hey everybody!

Hope it's sunny wherever you are today! The weather is gorgeous here in San Fran, where I'm lucky to be playing some shows this weekend. This summer is going to be a whirlwind! Not only am I planning for the next record (big announcement next month!), but I am touring like crazy.

I'm hoping I'll be seeing you as I travel from California, to Germany, then to New Hampshire and all the way back home to Nashville. All the shows are listed on the TOUR PAGE.

If I won't see you, let's stay in touch on the interwebs!


P.S. STAY TUNED for the big announcement about the *next record* by signing up for the (new and improved) email list HERE!

Liz Brick Wall
Upcoming Tour Dates
03.23.2017  |  Saratoga Springs, NY
Caffe Lena - $10/$20
03.24.2017  |  Chepachet, RI
03.25.2017  |  Plymouth, MA
04.07.2017  |  Fairfield, CT
with Jeff LeBlanc
04.08.2017  |  Sellersville, PA
Liz Longley with guest Jeff LeBlanc
05.05.2017  |  Newark, OH
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