Liz Longley is MAKING A RECORD!!!

Jul 17 2012
LL is making an album

Two years ago, I graduated from Berklee College of Music and released my third album. Ever since, I've been touring the US and writing songs non-stop. You've asked WHEN I'll be recording my next album. The answer is NOW, and the project starts with YOU!Typically, a record label funds an album with a price tag upward of a hundred thousand dollars. Because I am still an independent artist without the backing of a record label, I've put together a budget plan to make the album for $35,000.


If we can raise the funds, I'll make my dream album and deliver it right to your doorstep.

The fundraising campaign JUST launched on LizLongley.com/KICKSTARTER ... Click to check it out!!
For every donation, there are exciting "THANK YOU PACKAGES" to choose from: signed guitars, private concerts, personalized songs, album collections, limited edition packages and more.

The most important thing is to SPREAD THE WORD on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Email, Payphones, Texts, Postcards, Telegrams... Your word will be hugely helpful in making this album possible. We ONLY have 50 DAYS!

**If we do not reach $35,000, the project will not be funded (your credit card will not be charged) and no prizes will be sent out. So let's do this!!** If by chance we raise MORE than the goal, the extra money will go toward promotion, radio, touring, merchandise... all stuff that goes into making an independent record release a success!

I can't thank you enough for all the support you've given me along the way... and I can't wait to say we did this together!!


Love always,


Upcoming Tour Dates
02.24.2017  |  Johnson City, TN
02.25.2017  |  Davidson, NC
03.03.2017  |  Marblehead, MA
Me & Thee Coffeehouse - $20 Advance/$23 Day of Show
Brian Dunne opens
03.04.2017  |  New York, NY
Iridium - General Admission $25
03.09.2017  |  Newark, DE
Private Event -
03.10.2017  |  York, PA
03.11.2017  |  Herndon, VA
Private Event -
03.12.2017  |  Columbia, MD
Private Event -
03.24.2017  |  Chepachet, RI
03.25.2017  |  Plymouth, MA
04.07.2017  |  Fairfield, CT
with Jeff LeBlanc
04.08.2017  |  Sellersville, PA
Liz Longley with guest Jeff LeBlanc
05.05.2017  |  Newark, OH
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