This is Not the End on iTunes Today!

Apr 16 2013

My heart is aching for all those affected by the explosions in Boston yesterday. It's hard to believe someone could do something so evil. Tough times like this remind me how important it is to spread love and light in our communities. I'll be sending up prayers.

Today I'm releasing the first single from my upcoming album on iTunes! Download 'This Is Not The End' and please help spread the word (itunes review, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, any way you can)!! I can't do this without you. Thank you so much for your support.

I've just begun an "Acoustic Session" series on my youtube channel. Kicking it off with an acoustic version of 'This is Not the End'. Check it out & subscribe to my channel if you want to hear 'Simple Love' next!

Single Due Out 4/16 & Cayamo Cruise 2014!

Apr 08 2013
Single Due 4/16

To my loyal listeners...

What a treat it was to be on the road in February, sharing my new record with you. I am so sorry that I had to cut the tour short due to a horrible bout of laryngitis. While many silent days and nights followed, my appreciation for the time I get to spend with you grew immensely. I cannot wait to see you again.

I have a few pieces of exciting news that I am anxious to share with you...
Over the past few weeks, I have been transitioning to a new management team. I am thrilled to be working with Chris Tetzeli and the hardworking team at Red Light Management, who have big aspirations for the record that you and I made together.
What that means is.... The full CD Release date will be pushed back so Red Light can pursue record labels and do all the fancy stuff necessary before a successful record release. That's a huge "YAY!" and then a big "Oh shoot! My fans are counting on April 16th!"

The upcoming album, 'Liz Longley' is now available at ALL shows, but the official online release date is now TBD. In the meantime, I'm thrilled to be releasing the first single on iTunes on April 16th, called 'This is Not the End.' It's a song about stepping away from your past and believing in the next chapter of your life. You may have heard it on Lifetime's hit series, Army Wives.
I hope you'll stop by iTunes to get the first taste of the new record on April 16th!! If you like it, leave a review and help spread the word! Thank you for your understanding and patience with me on this exciting (and unpredictable) journey! Stay tuned, as I'll be sharing stories behind songs and giving you previews of the record on YouTube.

Cayamo 2014

I'm lathering on my sunscreen just thinking about the next announcement...
Imagine cruising from Miami to the British Virgin Islands with your favorite musicians (I'm talking Brandi Carlile, John Hiatt, Bruce Hornsby & many more!), listening to live music all day, every day for a week while drinking margaritas and eating soft-serve. It's called the Cayamo Cruise and it's a music lover's dream come true. I am honored to be invited back to play the 2014 cruise and sincerely hope you'll join me (Feb 7-14, 2014), especially if you have never been! Tickets will go fast on Cayamo.com so get ready, cruisers!

Billboard Mag

In 2012, Gary Trust, Billboard Magazine Associate of Charts/Radio named my EP Inside this Song his #2 favorite album of the year. As if that wasn't sweet enough, he invited me to Billboard's NYC to play a few songs in their archive library (pictured is Billboard's first issue from 1894). Their magazine is like a bible for music industry folk, so it was special to be there. Gary requested his favorite from the "Inside this Song" EP, 'Rush', and he filmed the intimate performance. You can check it out on YouTube!

Phew... okay... that's all for now...
I love you all and am so grateful to be making music for you. Thanks for listening. See you on the road, or in my living room if you tune in to my online show April 10th!

Love always,

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